Converting From Oil to Gas

Oil to Gas Conversion

Absolute Precision has completed many oil to gas conversions since we first started in 1985.  The demand for conversions has been driven by the rising price of fuel oil and also that gas is more energy efficient. Natural gas takes less energy to produce the same amount of heat.

Since the first edition of this post was written in 2013 those factors are still in place but now we have a new concern for homeowners still relying on oil for heat. Oil shortages and the prospect that a really cold winter could reduce supplies to the point that prices skyrocket, or perhaps the government gets involved in some measure, or both.

Benefits of Converting From Oil to Gas

  • Price and supply
    • Oil prices fluctuate due to supply constraints while both gas supplies and prices are more stable
  • Lower energy bills
    • It cost less to run gas heating equipment than it does oil
  • Efficiency
    • The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) is used to measure efficiency. New oil heating equipment have AFUE ratings between 80% and 90% while new gas equipment boast ratings between 89% to 98%.
  • More environmentally responsible
    • Gas is much cleaner not only because it burns cleaner but pipeline delivery is clean and no big storage tank is necessary, as with oil.

Another benefit that homeowners are often delighted about is the amount of space in the basement that can be reclaimed. High efficiency systems are vented using a flue pipe that goes out the side of the house. This means the new gas heating equipment can be located on any exterior basement wall freeing up all that space near the chimney that the old oil heating equipment occupied. Plus the space previously occupied by an oil tank is reclaimed.

Mass Save Rebates

In 2023 Natural Gas Heating Equipment Rebates are available up to $2,000 on high efficiency heating equipment and up to $550 on water heating equipment. Zero percent financing up to $25,000 is also available.

You Can Experience the Process

Absolute Precision Plumbing Heating & Cooling has not only done many oil to gas conversions over the years we also made videos of some of them. Then we wrote blog posts about the project including the video.

For Boston area homeowners who are considering converting from oil to gas these posts are a great way to experience the process.

This first one in Peabody is interesting because we did it in the middle of winter.

Oil To Gas Conversion in Peabody, MA

Here’s one we did in Winchester in 2018. The family was happy to receive rebates in addition to saving on their energy bill.

Oil To Gas Conversion Winchester, MA

In this one in Danvers the homeowner did quite a bit of research and spoke to a lot of contractors. We’re happy he chose Absolute Precision to do the work.

Oil To Gas Conversion Danvers, MA

We do have more videos and posts on oil to gas conversion as well as other topics in the blog section of this website for your viewing pleasure.

If you’re considering oil to gas conversion, whether its this season, this year or in the future we would be happy to answer any questions you may have and recommend the proper heating equipment to meet your needs.

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