Oil To Gas Conversion Danvers, MA

Heating System Decision

After careful consideration a Danvers, MA homeowner made a decision to switch from oil to gas and to have Ken Roberts of Absolute Precision Plumbing Heating & Cooling install the new heating system.

As Ken explains in the video the homeowner is a numbers cruncher. He did quite a bit of research, spoke to a lot of different contractors, and calculated how much he could possibly save by heating with lower cost gas vs. oil. He reasoned that the price of oil is uncertain and even though it’s down now it’s not likely to stay that way.

Ken explains that although it’s typical for homeowners to do some number crunching this particular client was very thorough. He chose to go with a 95% efficient Burnham Alpine gas boiler manufactured by the U.S. Boiler Co. It’s the choice of National Grid. And since Absolute Precision has a great deal of experience with Burnham boilers along with a well established reputation (over 30 years) he chose us to do the job.

High Efficiency Heating

The 95% efficiency of the new Burnham Alpine is a big jump over the old system which was 70% efficient at best. There’s very little wasted fuel.  This Danvers family saves money three ways.

  • • Gas cost less than oil
  • • Higher AFUE means greater fuel utilization
  • • Gas is easier and less expensive to maintain

AFUE stands for annual fuel utilization efficiency. It tells you what percentage of your fuel is converted into usable energy. So not only will the homeowner save by burning a cleaner less costly fuel but they’ll be using less fuel to get the same amount of heat.

Learn more about High Efficiency Heating Systems

Plenty of Hot Water

The old heating system had 3 zones: The main house, an addition out back with radiant heat, and an in-law apartment over the garage. The boiler also supplied hot water for the household. But it wasn’t adequate for the needs of the family.

In the new installation the family will have the 3 zones for heat but they’ll also have an indirect fired 60 gallon water heater from Superstor. It has a stainless steel tank and comes with a lifetime warranty. The family will never run out of hot water again.

Why Switch to Gas Heat

Gas has many advantages over oil. It’s produced right here in the U.S., it’s less expensive, and if your heating equipment is in close proximity to living space you’ll appreciate that gas equipment is quieter than oil.


  • • Gas heating systems emit 23% less carbon than oil systems
  • • Abundant U.S. supply not subject to global conflicts
  • • Gas is always on. No delivery or storage needed

Burnham Alpine Installed

Once the old oil tank along with the old equipment was removed Ken and the team installed the new system. In the video Ken points out some features of the new system.

The Alpine makes use of outside air for combustion. The highly efficient technology allows it to burn 95% of the fuel so there’s no residual fuel in the exhaust. Rather than venting the exhaust through the chimney it’s vented directly to the outside through PVC. This reduces the need for chimney cleaning while eliminating any worries about fuel gas buildup.

The new installation is not only cleaner looking but as Ken mentions everything is labeled and each zone has an isolation valve to make future servicing easier. As is always the case with Absolute Precision everything is up to code. By law this installation includes a carbon monoxide detector and also a low water cutoff.

Find out more about high efficiency heating by calling Absolute Precision at 978-774-8835 or use this contact form.

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