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Ductless Mini Split Systems

Ductless mini split system indoor air handlerPrecision Cooling & Heating in Every Room

Ductless Mini Split Systems are the perfect solution for homeowners in Eastern Massachusetts. Since there’s no expensive bulky ductwork to worry about a mini split system can be installed anywhere. Older home? No problem. At Absolute Precision we’ve installed ductless systems in basements, detached buildings, seasonal rooms, and even in locations where it wasn’t possible to install a window or wall unit.

Ductless mini splits installed by Absolute Precision are high efficiency systems. They reduce energy consumption while delivering precise cooling or heating to individual living spaces. That means the occupants of a distant bedroom or home office can be just as comfortable as those in the first floor room where the thermostat is located.

house cut out showing different temps achieved with ductless mini split system

Mini Split System Components

As opposed to a system of ducts or a window air conditioning unit a ductless system requires very little space inside your home. The whole system consists of:

  • An outdoor compressor unit
  • • An indoor evaporator unit
  • • A 3 inch conduit connecting the indoor and outdoor units
  • • Remote control

The indoor unit contains a fan which quietly distributes conditioned air to the area to be cooled. The conduit contains refrigerant lines, electrical wiring, and a drain line. The electrical wiring brings power to the indoor unit from the outdoor unit so there’s no need for additional wiring in the room.

Cooling or Heating a Room

Ductless mini split outdoor condenser and heat pumpThe outdoor unit has a state of the art heat pump which cools or warms refrigerant. The refrigerant is then pumped back to the indoor unit where more state of the art components purify and condition the air which is dispersed as needed into the room.

It’s worth mentioning that again. After all the product of a ductless system is the conditioned air. That’s air we are breathing and that’s also making us feel comfortable. Ductless systems installed by Absolute Precision have built in multi stage filtration. It’s designed to drastically reduce dust, bacteria, pollen, allergens and other particulates in the air.

Energy Efficient Ductless Mini Splits

In many neighborhoods North of Boston homeowners don’t have a choice. Especially in older homes it’s often not feasible to install the ductwork necessary to support a central air conditioning system. Of those people that do have a choice most make the final decision to go with the ductless mini split. One big reason is efficiency. Ductless systems are up to 30% more efficient than window or central systems. That translates into lower energy bills as well as a diminishing carbon footprint.

Advantages of Ductless Mini Splits

With the high cost of energy here in Massachusetts it’s understandable that energy savings factors into many homeowners decision to go ductless. There’s also the flexibility factor. With no limitations on placement, rooms which may have been off limits during hot or cold spells can now be used year round.

More reasons you’ll like ductless:

  • • Quiet operation
  • • Precision cooling and heating
  • • Better indoor air quality
  • • Easy to install
  • • Compact size


Mitsubishi Mini Split Systems

At Absolute Precision Plumbing Heating & Cooling we install ductless mini split systems from Mitsubishi. They use advanced technology to provide the ultimate in comfort and control with reduced energy consumption. Two small refrigerant lines plus power and control wiring connects the outdoor unit to each individual air handler.

That means North Shore residents can do away with noisy energy guzzling window units. Ductless air conditioning is the answer for homeowners who want to enjoy the benefits of AC without the high cost and disruption of a major construction project.


Mitsubishi mini split heating and AC installation in Middleton

Count On Fast Service

When you want an air conditioning system that gives you precision comfort along with precision control, Absolute Precision is the one to call. We’re laser focused on customer satisfaction offering timely service to North of Boston residents.

Our primary service area includes:
Andover, North Andover, Boxford, Topsfield, Middleton, Danvers, Beverly, Peabody, Lynnfield, North Reading, Reading, Wilmington, Tewksbury, Wakefield, Melrose, Stoneham, Woburn, Winchester, Medford, Malden, and Saugus.

For more information or a free quote on a ductless air-conditioning system, give us a call at (978) 774-8835 today! You can also contact us.



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