Oil To Gas Conversion in Peabody, MA

Emergency Boiler Replacement

Homeowner Explores Options, Chooses Absolute Precision

A Peabody homeowner  was worried about getting through the winter with an old oil boiler. The boiler had undergone numerous repairs, such as for leaks and there was a definite risk it would fail at the worst possible time. Wanting to take advantage of the best available technology the family did quite a bit of research to understand the benefits of switching from oil to gas. They also did their homework on local heating professionals. They drilled down into online reviews such as on Angies List and Google to find a qualified local heating contractor who is highly recommended. They ultimately decided to switch from oil to gas and to call Absolute Precision Plumbing Heating & Cooling.


The homeowner subsequently wrote a long review of the entire experience on Angies List. Since not everyone has access to Angies List here are a few quotes from that review:

I spoke with Ken on Monday, and he was at my house within a day to take a look at my situation.

Ken proposed we move to a new gas fired boiler, and that we could use propane as a fuel source to get us by until the Spring when we could run gas to our house. What a great idea.

After speaking with Ken for 30 minutes , my wife and I knew he was the man for the job.

To summarize: within 24 hours we had met with and committed to using Ken and Absolute Precision. In my experience that’s an unheard of turnaround time to find someone you can trust in that short of time.

Ken performed the full removal/install in two days, as we had discussed, and he walked us thru the entire process start to finish.

Converting from oil to gas in winter is unusual but we do it fairly regularly

Ken arrived on the scene at the beginning of January. It soon became clear the homeowner was making the right decision. The situation called for an emergency boiler replacement. The old boiler had seen one too many attempts at patching internal leaks and was unlikely to make it. While replacing a boiler in January is unusual, especially when a conversion to gas is part of the equation, Ken and the crew at Absolute Precision actually do this fairly regularly.

It being January its not possible to dig up the street to run gas to the house so Ken arranged to have 2 propane tanks delivered. Propane would be the fuel source until spring when the street could be dug up and gas service installed. The family chose to go with a 95% efficient U.S. Boiler Alpine which is fairly easy to switch from propane to natural gas and vice-versa. National Grid will come in the spring to run gas to the house and we’ll be back to switch the connection over from propane to natural gas.

Ken arranged for the immediate removal of the old oil tank which would be drained, cut in half, and taken to an EPA approved site. Meanwhile the Absolute Precision crew was busy removing the old equipment. Once the oil tank was removed they had a perfect site to hang the new Alpine gas boiler alongside the new indirect fired 60 gallon hot water heater. This relocation of the heating equipment opened up a lot of new usable space for this family.

As Ken explains in the video the family now has a high efficiency system with two zones for heat and one for hot water. They’ll never lack for heat and at 60 gallons they’ll never run out of hot water. Each part of the system is valved off and tagged. That’s standard procedure on every job. Also standard procedure is installation of a low water cutoff along with a carbon monoxide detector.

The Peabody family now has peace of mind knowing their new gas boiler will operate faithfully for many years to come. Add in that they now have reliable and plentiful hot water as well as a lower fuel bill. It adds up to another satisfied customer of Absolute Precision Plumbing Heating & Cooling.

To learn more about high efficiency heating systems or to explore the possibility of converting from oil to gas call Absolute Precision today at 978-774-8835.

You can also contact us here.

Here is a transcript of the video:

Hi I’m Ken Roberts from Absolute Precision Plumbing heating & Cooling Inc. and we’re here today in Peabody to do an oil to gas conversion emergency replacement. This oil boiler here is pretty much, as you can see, at the end of its life expectancy.
Over here its got a crack in the seam and its been tried a couple of times to be repaired through epoxy and a couple other sealant measures but… tried to get him through the winter but that’s just not gonna happen.
So, what we’re going to do is, an emergency the client here in Peabody wants to switch over to gas but at this point where it’s January you can’t open the street. So we’re gonna put him on propane temporarily and then after…when the spring comes they’ll be able to dig up the street and run a line from the street to the house.

So pretty soon the oil tank here, there will be a company coming in to remove this tank and what they’re going to do is they’ll basically suck up the tank, take the tank outside and cut it in half and remove it off to an EPA approved site. So this is going away and this is going to be the proposed site for the new boiler. The boiler will hang here, the indirect fired water heater will go there.
So this is kind of an unusual situation where you don’t normally switch from oil to gas in the middle of the winter. We do it relatively regularly given the fact that you can put them on propane temporarily. The Alpine is very conducive to switching from propane to natural gas so that’s what we’re going to do. So we’ll have a happy client here in Peabody in a day or two. So tune in to see the completed project.
Hi I’m Ken Roberts with Absolute Precision Plumbing heating & Cooling Inc. and as you recall from our earlier part of the video we were talking about the forced hot water oil boiler that was leaking that we were going to be replacing. Well I’m standing here with what used to be that oil boiler. So now we’re going to show you what the completed project looks like.
So over here we have the U.S. Boiler 95% efficient gas fired Alpine boiler. So we’ve got two zones of heat and one for domestic hot water with a sixty gallon tank. These people are assured they’ll never run out of heat or hot water now.
As we discussed in the earlier part of the video we told you about how they were having a couple of propane tanks brought in temporarily. So the tanks are outside, the gas piped in and its converted over to propane for now. In the spring when the streets are allowed to be opened up again, National Grid will come in, run their line in from the street to the house we’ll basically just make that connection to that gas meter at that time and make the conversion at the Alpine which is very simple to do, and they’ll be on natural gas and they’ll never have to worry about it again.
So, as you can see we have everything tagged off, everything valved off, everything’s marked and labeled so if the homeowner ever has to do anything or if an emergency situation arises or for service procedures it’s simplistic for us to come back and have to do anything that may arise.
So if you want to have a beautiful system like this give us a call at Absolute Precision Plumbing heating & Cooling Inc. Thank you.



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