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Rebates and Incentives

With oil prices on the rebound a Winchester family contacted us about converting their heating system from oil to gas. They had done their homework and realized that eliminating the oil bill was just one of many benefits they’d receive by making the switch.

The homeowners will receive rebates and incentives from National Grid and U.S. Boiler Co. along with attractive 0% financing through Mass Save.


Heating System Replacement Rebates

The new gas boiler is 95% efficient so compared to the old oil boiler they’ll be getting more bang for the buck on their energy bill. Plus gas is a much cleaner fuel. There’s no storage and it reduces the family’s carbon footprint, which they like.

In the video Ken walks us through the process from where the gas company has installed the gas service, to the removal of the old equipment, and then the installation of a Burnham Alpine 95% high efficiency gas boiler.

The new system has 3 zones for heat and 1 zone for domestic hot water. It’s wired for priority so if there’s a call for heat and hot water at the same time the system will shut off the heat zones and just be dedicated to making hot water. That’s the priority–you don’t want to run out of hot water.

Up To Code

The plumbing code is there for a reason. At Absolute Precision we take code and safety issues seriously. For instance this new gas boiler is equipped with a low water cutoff. It’s required but we often go into homes where it’s not present. That’s a safety issue. We also install carbon monoxide detectors and as you can see in the video we label everything according to code as well. In this case the Winchester plumbing inspector did the inspection and said we did a great job.

As it’s our normal procedure everything is valved off, feeds and returns, the water tank, everything. That way if there is ever an issue the problem area can be isolated without affecting the rest of the house.

This Winchester family now has a high efficiency gas heating system. They no longer have to worry about oil bills, oil delivery, or the uncertainty of oil prices. They’ll have clean safe gas which is in abundant supply here in the U.S. And to top it off they’re taking advantage of the rebates, incentives, and 0% financing offered through Mass Save, U.S. Boiler Co., and National Grid. It’s a win-win.

Switching from oil to gas is a no brainer for a lot of reasons. The rebates and incentives just make it a more attractive proposition. But you don’t have to be an oil customer to take advantage of the rebates and incentives which are now available through Mass Save. The purpose of the program is to improve energy efficiency. Heating equipment available today, such as the Burnham Alpine we installed in this Winchester home, is much more efficient than equipment that may have been installed even 5- 7 years ago.

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Video Transcript:

Hi I’m Ken Roberts with Absolute Precision Plumbing Heating & Cooling and today we’re in Winchester for an oil to gas conversion. Recently National Grid came out, they cut up the street, and ran the service line in. as you can see they hung the bib here which is what we’ll be piping to. We’ll be coming out of this meter bar, coming over and entering the house here where as you can see they’re currently on oil. They’ll be switching over to gas which is going to be a couple of good incentives for them with rebates from National Grid and rebates from U.S. Boiler and then Mass Save will have incentives for them too. So as you can see the meter is currently not hung because we have to do our piping first to the boiler, get our gas and plumbing inspections from the local Winchester plumbing inspector then National Grid will come out and hang the meter.

If you want to come inside we’ll show you what we’re going to be doing inside but this is how it works on the outside.

We’re inside the basement now in the mechanical room and as you can see this is the oil tank that I was telling you about. You can see the outside here where the meter bar is and the old vent and fill for the oil tank. So we’re going to be disconnecting this, we’re going to be disconnecting this product here which is an old boiler-mate, and this here Weil McLean oil fired forced hot water system. This system isn’t really that old it’s probably only between 5-7 years old but they want to go with the gas incentives and switch over to gas so its cleaner, they don’t have to worry about having the tank filled, and just overall its going to be less expensive for them to run.

So currently this Weil McLean oil fired forced hot water system has 3 zones of heat here and 1 zone of domestic hot water. So what our plan is, we’re going to get rid of all this, cap the chimney, and over here we’re going to hang the new boiler on a wall we’re going to make. We’ll be venting out through this window over here, out and away from the dryer. So the Alpine’s going to hang here, we’ll hang 4 zones of heat and domestic hot water here, and we’ll plant the domestic tank there.

So this Winchester client is going to be coming off the oil system and will be going on the gas system, they’re going to be getting quite a bit of incentive from National Grid, U. S. Boiler, Mass Save, 0% financing for 7 years. So it’s a pretty good way to go. As far as I’m concerned it’s kind of a no-brainer to not take Mass Save up on these different incentives that they have and National Grid. So stay tuned and as the job progresses we’ll tune back in at the end, you’ll be able to see the completed system.

We’re back here in Winchester today to show you the completed job. Now as you can see the oil tank which was here the other day when we started this video is gone, the oil line has been taken up, the old oil boiler’s been removed, flue pipe’s been capped. As you can see now we have the 95% high efficient Burnham Alpine boiler in here. So what this client now has is 3 zones of heat, 1 zone of domestic hot water. We wired that for priority so if there’s a call for heat or hot water at the same time the heating system will shut the pump off for the heat zones and just be dedicated to making hot water cause you don’t want to run out of hot water.

So everything is valved off, feeds and returns, water tank, everything. If there’s ever an issue you can isolate that 1 particular problem and work on it without inconveniencing the rest of the house.

This boiler here now is 95% efficient, it’s gas fired. So they’re going to be getting some rebates back from U.S. Boiler, from National Grid, from Mass Save. So they’re going to derive a little benefit there as far as easing the pain of the installation process. And they’re going to be saving quite a bit of money on natural gas vs the oil.

This boiler does need to be cleaned once a year, all high efficiency systems do need to be maintained once a year just like the oil boiler. But it’s a lot cleaner and a lot neater. As you can see all the piping going to the outside is nicely hung everything’s secure. Per code it’s labeled exhaust and intake so if somebody else doesn’t come along and think it’s a PVC drainage pipe. That’s the law. We had our inspector from Winchester, he came out, looked at the job, said we did a great job, and passed it no problem. Low water cutoff here in case there’s ever an issue, the water drains out of the boiler, the boiler will shut off, it’s a fail-safe safety device. A lot of plumbers don’t put that on, it is in the Mass plumbing code that all boilers are supposed to have it, especially the wall hung boilers because obviously their above ground and can leak out. But the boiler sitting on the ground, the boiler could crack, the water could leak out and you wouldn’t want it running. I can’t tell you the majority of the homes we go into we don’t see that on there so we always inform the customer and try to have them put that on because it should be there, it’s a safety feature.

Carbon monoxide issue, by law, that’s there. So he’s got everything he needs by code and then some.

And we look forward to having a lifetime client here with quite a bit of happiness and efficiency.

So if you want a system like this put in your house, if you’re on gas and want to have one put in, give us a call. It’s Ken Roberts at Absolute Precision Plumbing Heating & Cooling. Thank you very much.


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