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High Efficiency Heating 2 Family Winthrop

2 Family Heating System Replacement We usually get feedback from customers and potential new clients after publishing these videos. But in this case the homeowner, Mark, did a cameo where he offered feedback in real time. Watch the video and we’ll provide more details about this project below. Relief From […]

Boxford Boiler Installation

Heating System Upgrade Pays Off A Boxford homeowner with an old inefficient gas boiler in need of replacement received rebates along with 0% financing through Mass Save and will now enjoy lower heating bills. In this project Absolute Precision Plumbing Heating & Cooling replaced the old boiler with a high […]

Oil to Gas Conversion Melrose

Heating System Rebates, Incentives The video below is about an oil to gas conversion in Melrose. Everything went right for the homeowner as he had done his homework and as a result received significant savings in the form of rebates, incentives, 0% financing, and lower energy costs forever. Watch the video […]

Ductless AC $300 Rebate

Mini Split Heat Pump Rebates A program, offered through Mass Save, provides rebates of up to $300 on the purchase and installation of mini-split heat pumps. Rebates are available for each mini-split unit installed as long as it meets certain energy efficiency standards. The program administered through Mass Save applies […]

American Standard Silver 13 AC

Silver 13 Air Conditioner The American Standard Silver 13 is a central air conditioning system designed for comfort, reliability, and energy efficiency. It goes beyond government efficiency standards so you can save up to 38 percent on energy usage while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. AC Replacement In Middleton A […]

Oil To Gas Conversion In Wakefield

Why Switch From Oil To Gas The list of reasons people switch from oil heat to gas heat usually starts with saving money and improving energy efficiency. But for this Wakefield homeowner his motivation was all about safety. His oil burner malfunctioned while he was away on vacation filling the […]

Quick Furnace Replacement

Flooded Furnace A homeowner in Lynnfield whose basement is prone to flooding got hit with a double whammy which needed immediate attention. The basement flooded and the sump pump failed. The water penetrated the furnace to the extent that the electronics were damaged rendering the furnace inoperable. In the video […]

Heating System Upgrade in Andover

Andover Boiler Replacement   High Efficiency Upgrade Has Added Benefits This boiler replacement in Andover, MA  produced some unexpected benefits for the homeowner. As expected the homeowners now enjoy a reliable, safe, and highly efficient Burnham Alpine gas boiler which is substantially reducing the family’s energy bill. One pleasant surprise […]

January 11, 2017
oil to gas conversion heating system installation with Burnham Alpine gas boiler and 60 gallon Superstor

Oil To Gas Conversion Lynnfield, MA

Lynnfield Heating System Replacement   Switch From Oil To Gas Has Many Benefits This project in Lynnfield represents a classic case of getting a lot of bang for your buck. The homeowners wanted a new high efficiency heating system that would not only reduce their energy bill but would also […]

Oil To Gas Conversion Woburn, MA

Woburn Homeowner Goes To Gas Heat     High Efficiency Gas Heating System As part of their decision to buy a home in Woburn the new homeowners decided to replace the existing oil fired heating equipment with a new high efficiency system powered by gas. Besides the fact that the […]

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Reduce heating costs by as much as 3 percent for each degree your thermostat is lowered    Clean and/or replace furnace filters regularly during the heating season    Clean warm-air registers, radiators, and baseboard heaters as needed    Bleed hot water radiators once or twice a season to eliminate trapped air    Open draperies and shades on south-facing windows during the day, close at night    Turn off kitchen and bath exhaust fans within 20 minutes of use    Please like our page on Facebook to get helpful tips all year long    Keep warm-air registers, baseboard heaters, and radiators clear of carpeting, furniture, or drapes    Place heat-resistant radiator reflectors between exterior walls and the radiators    For long term energy savings consider upgrading to high efficiency equipment    Set your thermostat to the desired temperature. Jacking it up will only cause your furnace to run longer    Stop fireplace draft using a chimney balloon    For more money saving and home comfort tips please like us on Facebook.         Massachusetts places first in U.S. for energy efficiency in 2015. That's five years in a row