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Heating System Replacement Rebates

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What started with a North Andover family seeking estimates for a heating system replacement turned out to be what they considered an unexpected windfall.

Heating System Not Keeping Up

The house had an older gas fired boiler which also produced domestic hot water. Over the years modifications had been made to the system due to it’s inability to produce sufficient hot water. The family decided enough was enough and sought advice and recommendations from several heating contractors.

Absolute Precision suggested they contact Mass Save to determine if they were eligible for rebates and incentives since the program is available to North Andover households. It turned out they qualified for around $2000 in rebates along with 0% financing. They were thrilled.

Absolute Precision was selected to specify and install the new system. We recommended a 95% efficient Burnham Alpine boiler along with a 60 gallon Superstor for hot water–they’ll never run out of hot water again. In addition to receiving the cash rebates and the 0% financing, they can also look forward to a lifetime of lower energy costs.

The new system was installed for maximum efficiency. In addition the installation is completely up to code with separate zones for the hot water and the main house. The zones can be isolated for any future diagnostics or repairs. Safety features are in place: the low water cutoff; the acid neutralizer for the effluent coming out of the boiler; and proper venting with intake and exhaust to the outside.

Found Money

In this particular case the homeowners were not aware of the rebates and incentives available through Mass Save for heating system replacement. So it was like found money which they now have plans for. It came about because they were tired of the lack of heat and hot water from the existing system. Each situation is different. Which is one of the reasons we produce these videos.

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