Oil to Gas Conversion Malden, MA

High Efficiency Gas Boiler A Big Win For Malden Family


Project Highlights

Absolute Precision Plumbing Heating & Cooling replaced a very old, very inefficient oil fired boiler with a high efficiency (95% efficient) gas fired Alpine boiler.

Replaced old, highly inefficient hot water heating system with new 64 gallon indirect fired water heater.

The homeowner will receive rebates on the new equipment of over $3,000 through Mass Save.

Also through the Mass Save program they are taking advantage of 0% interest financing for 7 years.

Removal of the old oil tank and boiler solves many problems. Especially because the oil tank was starting to leak.

The family will continue to enjoy much lower heating costs for many years to come.

Converting to Gas Heat is the Answer for Many Boston Area Homes

The project described in the video is a perfect illustration of why oil to gas conversion not only saves money but also solves many other problems associated with older oil fired heating systems.

To begin with the oil tank was beginning to leak. Had the leak not been detected in time the amount of oil leaked into the basement could have reached the point where costly environmental cleanup was necessary. Also removal of the oil tank is a benefit in that a generous amount of basement real estate is freed up.

In the old system hot water was produced by continuously heating one gallon of water with an oil fired boiler containing thirty gallons. That’s 365 days per year. Not only was it not efficient but the family never had enough hot water.

The new indirect 64 gallon SuperStor is not only highly efficient in that operating costs are low but it’s capacity ensures that the family will never run out of hot water again.

Rebates and Incentives

In an effort to retire old, inefficient heating equipment Mass Save has programs which offer rebates and incentives. In this case the family received rebates over $3,000. They also took advantage of 0% financing for 7 years which is like free money.

To summarize: this Malden family is getting paid to replace old heating equipment, which they needed to do anyway. Their future energy bills will be lower as a result. They now have a reliable high efficiency heating system. Rationing of hot water in the household has come to an end as they will not come close to running out of hot water. An added bonus is that removal of the old equipment has opened up much needed real estate in the basement.


Additional Resources

With over 35 years of service to homeowners North of Boston Absolute Precision has encountered just about any type of scenario. As with this oil to gas conversion in Malden homeowners are generally thrilled with the outcome.

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