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High Efficiency Gas Heating System

As part of their decision to buy a home in Woburn the new homeowners decided to replace the existing oil fired heating equipment with a new high efficiency system powered by gas. Besides the fact that the new system would pay for itself over time in the form of lower costs for heat and hot water the decision was made easier because of programs from Mass Save which entitled the homeowners to thousands of dollars in rebates as well as 0% financing for 7 years.

Whenever a decision is made to replace heating equipment there are going to be challenges. In this case there were the usual handicaps related to the installation of the new and removal of the old equipment. In addition there was a timing issue. Winter was fast approaching so the window for National Grid doing their part was closing. The project literally got the last gas install date of the season.

As the homeowner recounts after the fact, the delays on the part of the gas company were a bit stressful. But once the gas line was installed it was only a matter of 2 weeks for Absolute Precision to install the new equipment, get the necessary inspections, remove the ancient equipment, and get the new heating system up and running. We worked with the homeowner from beginning to end on the project from the Mass Save rebates and financing to the coordination of installations and inspections.

In the video Ken walks us through each step in the installation. It’s worth a watch for anyone who is considering a heating system replacement and particularly for those thinking about switching from oil to gas. And if you’re wondering why a change from oil to gas is a good move…here are three good reasons.

Oil Heat Vs Gas Heat


Despite the fact that the price of oil is down substantially from all time highs it’s still cheaper to heat with gas than oil. The United States is the world’s leading producer of natural gas so the price of gas in the U.S. is not subject to the type of price volatility that regularly occurs with oil.

Carbon Footprint

Although natural gas is a fossil fuel it’s combustion emissions are far lower (50 to 60 percent) than for oil. The gap is even wider when high efficiency equipment is used.


Gas requires no storage. Oil on the other hand not only requires storage but regular delivery is necessary as well. The storage of oil can lead to problems such as a leak in the lines or the tank itself. Should a leak occur cleanup and remediation costs can soar into many thousands of dollars.

Burnham Alpine Gas Fired Boiler

On this project the homeowners chose to go with one of the most efficient, energy saving boilers on the market today. The Burnham Alpine is equipped with numerous advanced technology features such as those that constantly monitor boiler performance and match fuel consumption directly to heating demand. The Alpine incorporates outside temperature sensing technology that automatically adjusts the firing rate of the boiler based on the outside air temperature. It also continuously monitors system safety parameters to ensure years of comfortable, safe, reliable operation.

About Gas Availability

While the success of this project was highly dependent on National Grid’s schedule for digging up the street and running gas service to the house we don’t want to create the false impression that a homeowner can’t switch from oil fired equipment to gas in winter months. It’s not a common occurrence but when a heating system is failing and needs to be replaced waiting for spring is not an option. You can check out this video about a heating system replacement we did in January to learn more.

You can learn more about high efficiency heating systems here.

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Short review – Ken and Absolute Precision did an outstanding job switching us over from oil to natural gas, and I’d highly recommend them to anyone considering having this done. He worked with us the whole way through dealing with National Grid, Mass Save for the HEAT loan, and installing the right equipment. As you can see from all his 5-star reviews, Ken and Absolute Precision are the best in the business.

Longish review – When my wife and I decided to buy our house in Woburn, we had no idea the difficulty that we would face in having the oil-to-gas conversion done (dealing with National Grid and the City of Woburn itself). First, we needed to have a plumber come to our home and provide an estimate that would then be submitted to National Grid (to have them install the gas line), but with a deadline of only a few days. Among the estimates that we received, Absolute Precision wasn’t the best or worst price, but I chose them to do the work because I could tell right away that Ken was a friendly and honest person. He worked with us the whole way as we waited for National Grid to install the gas line (a multi-month long headache fit for a different discussion than this review) and helped us to secure the HEAT loan from Mass Save. Once the gas line was installed, it took Ken about 2 weeks to have all the gas equipment installed, inspected, and switched on. When he was done, the only sign that he had been there was the installation of the beautiful new gas equipment and removal of the ancient oil equipment (no garbage or dirt of any kind left behind). Ken also recommended a chimney sweep that was able to come to my home within two days of me calling him and did a great job at a great price (unlike other chimney sweeps who were more expensive and had weeks-long waiting lists). I’m sure that if/when I need other plumbing work done, I will call Ken and Absolute Precision first.

Brian Grabiner Woburn, MA Oil to gas conversion January 4, 2017

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