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Lynnfield Heating System Replacement


Switch From Oil To Gas Has Many Benefits

This project in Lynnfield represents a classic case of getting a lot of bang for your buck. The homeowners wanted a new high efficiency heating system that would not only reduce their energy bill but would also solve the problem of insufficient hot water for the household. They also are planning a major home renovation which would almost double their living space thus requiring a larger boiler with a capacity for 5 zones of heat and 1 for domestic hot water.

This might sound like an expensive proposition but the family soon learned they were eligible for rebates as well as 0% interest financing through a Mass Save program. The end result is that the family got everything they wanted in a heating system and then some. The switch from oil to gas means the system is more efficient, friendlier to the environment, and assures them of a safe, reliable, and low cost source of fuel over the long term.

Greater Efficiency and Rebates Too

oil to gas conversion heating system installation with Burnham Alpine gas boiler and 60 gallon Superstor

New heating system installed in Lynnfield with 150,000BTU Burnham Alpine and 60 gallon Superstor.

In the video Ken Roberts walks us through the process beginning with the installation by the gas company of gas service to the house. Ken also explains that the old oil fired boiler was inefficient because it was being used to provide hot water for the household through an internal tank. For that reason the boiler operated 24/7 in order to maintain a temperature of 140 degrees for the domestic hot water.

The homeowner decided to switch over from oil to gas and have Absolute Precision install a 95% efficient Burnham Alpine boiler along with a 60 gallon Superstor for domestic hot water. The installation of this equipment qualified for Mass Save rebates so the homeowner is getting $3000-$4000 in rebates along with 0% interest financing for 7 years.

U.S. Produced Gas Is Preferred

This is the fourth oil to gas conversion done by Absolute Precision on this street in Lynnfield. It’s not just the rebates or environmental concerns which are motivating residents. It’s a realization that gas, which is produced in the U.S., is not going to see huge price fluctuations as we see with oil. Another advantage is that gas can be budgeted and paid for over the entire year whereas oil is paid for on delivery.

Hot Water Is Priority

The heating system includes 3 zones for heat and 1 zone for domestic hot water. It’s set up to prioritize the hot water. That means that when hot water is called for the heat zones automatically shut down and the system will channel all it’s energy into making hot water. No chance of cold showers or running out of hot water ever again for this family.

The 150,000 BTU Burnham Alpine boiler and system is configured with 2 additional zones for heat. When the homeowner completes his remodeling project 2 more heat zones can be easily connected. That remodeling project also included the addition of 2 bathrooms which, again, will cause no strain on the 60 gallon Superstor.

Expert Boiler Replacement

Here in Massachusetts most homes have hydronic heating which is a system where hot water, heated in a boiler, is circulated to devices such as radiators, baseboard fin units, or radiant systems. It’s not uncommon for a boiler to last 20-30 years before a replacement becomes necessary. Read more about boiler replacement here.

As in the case of the boiler installation featured in the video many homeowners are choosing to replace their boiler even if it’s not showing signs of failing. This is due, primarily, to the greater efficiencies of newer boilers which results in lower energy bills. And the rebates and incentives don’t hurt either.

Folks in the Boston area who are considering boiler replacement would do well to contact Absolute Precision for a heating system evaluation and a free estimate.

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Ken Roberts is the best. Stayed true to his estimate, on time each and every day, neat and clean. Provided quality craftsmanship at a great price for my home in Lynnfield. We love our new system and we\’re so happy, we\’ve decided to let Absolute Precision do the work on our new construction in the spring. Thanks Ken!

Paul D. Lynnfield Oil to Gas Conversion in Lynnfield January 16, 2017

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