Ductless AC $300 Rebate

Mini Split Heat Pump Rebates

Ductless mini split system indoor air handlerA program, offered through Mass Save, provides rebates of up to $300 on the purchase and installation of mini-split heat pumps. Rebates are available for each mini-split unit installed as long as it meets certain energy efficiency standards. The program administered through Mass Save applies to customers of program sponsors such as Eversource and National Grid.

mini-split heat pump rebate details

What Is A Mini-Split Heat Pump

Mini-split heat pumps are used for both heating and cooling of indoor spaces. Also known as ductless air conditioning the systems make use of an outdoor condensing unit connected to an indoor unit via a small conduit rather than bulky ductwork.

Ductless heating and cooling provides many advantages for today’s households. They are energy efficient while delivering personalized comfort to each individual room. Each family member gets to decide on his or her own temperature setting and is not affected by fluctuations at a central thermostat.

How Heat Pumps Work

In colder winter months the outdoor unit extracts heat from outside air to warm refrigerant which is then transferred to the indoor unit. A fan is used to disperse warm air into the room at the desired temperature. In warmer summer months the process is reversed. Warm indoor air is captured and expelled to the outdoors while cool comfortable air is directed into the room by a fan in the indoor unit.

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How The Rebate Works

The chart above shows that $100 rebates are available for mini-split heat pumps with a SEER rating equal to or greater than 18. The $300 rebate applies to SEER 20 or greater. An additional qualifying factor is your electric utility must be participating in the program.

Eversource and National Grid are both program participants so if you wish to take advantage of the rebate and you’re a customer of either of those utilities you should contact Absolute Precision. We will determine which HVAC equipment is right for your home and we will help you fill out and submit the Mini-Split Heat Pump Rebate Application.

At Absolute Precision we recommend the Mr. Slim series of mini-splits from Mitsubishi. Give us a call at 978-774-8835 to get started.

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