Mitsubishi Mini Split Middleton, MA

Mitsubishi Mini Split Middleton, MA

Ductless Heating & AC

Basement Remodeling in Middleton

A family in Middleton contacted us about providing heat and air conditioning on an upcoming basement Mitsubishi mini split indoor unitremodeling project. It’s a 600 sq. ft. basement and our recommendation was to install a high efficiency Mitsubishi ductless mini split heating and air conditioning unit.  It’s more than adequate for the space and the homeowner wholeheartedly agreed.

During construction we ran the lines connecting the indoor unit to the outdoor unit while the electrician took care of wiring. In the video we pick up where we’re installing the indoor unit and once that is done we walk through some of the features of this Mitsubishi system.

Heating Cooling or De-humidification

The unit has a remote control which allows you to set the temperature in heat mode or in cooling mode. You can also use it as just a fan as well as for dehumidification. On a damp or humid day it will extract the humidity so the basement stays nice and comfortable.

This high efficiency Mitsubishi has an infrared sensor that detects, through body heat, where in the room the people are. Then it will direct heating or cooling to that area as needed. It can also be programmed for individual days, nights, and weekends, or you can use it in manual mode.

Small Footprint With No Ductwork

Mitsubishi mini split outdoor unitOverall the Mitsubishi mini split is a great solution for any new addition or basement remodeling project. There’s no ductwork so it takes up very little space. You have an indoor unit supplying heat and AC connected to an outdoor unit. The lines connecting the two units are snaked through the walls similar to your cable TV and electric wiring.

If you’d like to find out more about Mitsubishi mini splits or high efficiency heating and cooling give us a call at 978-774-8835.




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