Responsive and Dependable

Responsive and Dependable
Boiler Replacement
May 4, 2016

I moved to Absolute Precision last year after I got tired waiting for quotes to replace our old boiler from my prior plumbing company in Wakefield.

I wish I had made the change to Absolute Precision sooner. Ken and his team did an excellent job – everything was installed as expected and has worked flawlessly ever since. Not only that, they came by in the early winter to check on the system and flush it at no cost.

This week I needed some separate work done on a gas line in the basement and they responded immediately and did an excellent job cleaning up (someone else’s) mess.

The particular strengths of this company from my perspective are the following:
– expertise, knowledge and quality of work is very high indeed. They clearly take pride in their work.
– Ken and his team are responsive, dependable and know how to keep the customer updated. I can text them and they’ll get back to me in a timely manner. None of this hanging around waiting wondering what is going on.
– Integrity. I feel like I can really trust this company to do the right thing (i.e. I am sure they would not try to sell me a product or service I don’t need).

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