Melrose Water Main Flushing What You Need To Know

Melrose Biennial Flushing Begins Sept 8

flushing water mainsMelrose residents should be aware the city will begin flushing water mains on September 8. The project is expected to run through October. It is done every other year for the purpose of flushing out sediment that collects in water mains. It also provides an opportunity to examine areas that may be experiencing poor water pressure.

The city recommends that you not use the water while they are flushing or testing on your street. Doing so could allow sediment to infiltrate your pipes causing blockage, reduced water pressure, or discolored water. Any of those situations would be a major inconvenience which could also involve expensive plumbing repairs.

Plan Ahead For Pets and Family Members

You can find out what date your street is scheduled by checking this Master Street List. Fill water bottles, pots, and pans before flushing begins to make sure people and pets have a day’s supply of water. If you have a special medical situation the city advises you to call the Public Works office between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00p.m. at 781-665-0142.

Once you know that flushing and testing is completed on your street you should run the cold water until it runs clear. Do not run the hot water, don’t do laundry, do not run the dishwasher or add water to your pool until the cold water runs clean.

Every stretch of water main in the city will be flushed over the next two months. The Public Works Dept handles this in a very efficient and programmed manner so residents should expect their water supply to return to normal after flushing. If you experience a drop in water pressure after the flushing operation. Or if you need plumbing repair or peace of mind that your plumbing is humming you can call 781-665-1933 or contact us for an evaluation.


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