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 Boiler in a Phone Booth

A Salem family contacted us in mid winter because their boiler was old and inefficient. It needed to be replaced. But compounding the problem was that the new boiler installation had to go into a very tight space. We’ve seen this before. Many of the older homes in Eastern Massachusetts present similar challenges. This installation was what we call a boiler in a phone booth.

The old boiler was only about 50-60% efficient. The homeowner wanted to save money on heat and hot water so we recommended a 95% efficient Alpine boiler from U.S. Boiler Co. In addition we installed a 40 gallon Superstor so the family would never run out of hot water again.

Big Savings from a Small Boiler

The Alpine model we installed was small enough to fit into the space.The key is that it is correctly sized to supply 2 zones of heat. One on the first floor and one on the second, along with 1 zone for domestic hot water. As always the system was installed according to code with proper labeling of components as well as each zone being isolated by valves. A low water cutoff is installed as we take all safety precautions.

The video was done on a return trip to the home. We like to follow up with site visits after the fact to make sure everything is working as it should and that the homeowner is happy. In this case the client explained he’s thrilled with the savings he’s seen on his fuel bill in just 2 months. He works for a bank so he’s accustomed to crunching numbers. He says his estimate of savings is about 60%. That’s a huge improvement over the old antiquated system we replaced.

Let Absolute Precision Help You Decide

Homes throughout Eastern Massachusetts have situations similar to this one in Salem. Old inefficient heating equipment, inadequate hot water to meet the family’s needs, and it’s common to find utility rooms with space limitations. If you’re anticipating an upgrade to your heating system don’t stress over the logistics. Give Absolute Precision a call. We’ve been doing HVAC for over 30 years. We’ll help you determine the best heat and hot water applications for your home and your family’s needs.



Video Transcript:

Good morning I’m Ken Roberts with Absolute Precision Plumbing Heating & Cooling and we’re here in Salem returning on a boiler that we had originally shot a video on the replacement thereof and this is the second part of the video.

It’s about 2 months since we put this in and we just came back to do a site visit to check in to see how things are going with the boiler and…

As you can see this is a tight fit situation. Originally we described this as trying to put a boiler in a phone booth. It’s a very tight closet area that we’re putting this boiler in but this boiler is very small and very efficient and yields itself to a small area like this.

They’ve got the 40 gallon Superstor so they’ll have a situation where they’ll never run out of hot water again.

Over here we’ve got the 95% efficient Alpine boiler, and as you can see it’s very tight quarters in here. We’ve got 2 zones for heat, 1 first floor, 1 second floor, and 1 for domestic hot water. Everything’s isolated off, valved off for emergency purposes. Low water cutoff safety feature, everything’s labeled per code. This system here is the smaller of the Alpines but that’s what this house called for and like I said it’s 95% efficient.

Now it’s been 2 months since we originally did the job and we like to come back periodically and do a site visit and just check to make sure nothings leaking, everything’s good, clients happy with everything. And this particular client works for a bank and numbers is his job. And he just notified us that he’s already looked at, over the last 2 months probably somewhere around 60% savings over the last system that he had. So that’s a pretty good savings in his pocket vs. the old antiquated system that he had before which was probably running around 50-60% efficient.

So if anybody out there wants to have a high efficiency gas fired system or an oil to gas high efficiency system installed give us a call at Absolute Precision Plumbing heating & Cooling.

Thank you.

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